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Any request of subscription to the Journal (printed issues) for a calendar year must be done to
Società Editrice Universo
Via G.B. Morgagni, 1 - 00161 Roma
Tel.: (06) 44231171 - 4402053 4402054
Fax: (06) 4402033
E-mail: amministrazione@seu-roma.it
Sito Internet: http://www.seu-roma.it

The annual cost for receiving at home the six issues (plus eventual Supplements) published form January to December of the year in which the subscription has been made) is
Italy: 56.00 € (for )
Abroad: 90.00 € + 35,00 € for shipment.

The issues not delivered to the subscriber must be requested within 30 days from the arrival of successive issue. After this period of time the requested issue will be forwarded after payment ad if available.
The cost of each back issue is 18,30 € (for Italy) and 50,00 € + 5,00 € as mail fees (for abroad).

Importantly, the subscription can be also performed, using the same procedure described above, for the ‘On Line’ Journal in order to read and download the published articles in their full text.
The annual cost for this kind of subscription is 45.16 € (for Italy or abroad) + 9.03 € (VAT 20%). The subscriber will be assigned a PIN for logging in. The subscription is valid for one year starting from the day of its stipulation.


Società Editrice Universo s.r.l.
Via G.B.Morgagni, 1 - 00161 Roma - tel (06) 4402054 / (06) 44231171, fax (06) 4402033