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Systematic Review papers presenting exhaustive, critical assessments of the published literature on relevant public health topics or questions will be considered.

Narrative Review papers will also be considered. Whilst no formal guidelines for such reviews exist, Authors should be very clear in reporting what criteria they have used for the selection of studies and describe the methods used to undertake the review in the body of the paper. Generally speaking, narrative reviews will only be considered where the Author/s is/are clearly expert in the research field under consideration or the public health issue under consideration is not amenable to systematic review. The reviews need to be submitted with a supporting statement justifying the appropriateness of undertaking a narrative review.

Review papers should not exceed 5,000 words. They should include a structured abstract in English and in Italian: Tables/Illustrations can be included up to a maximum of 5, though larger tables may be included only on the electronic version of the paper.

Keywords are required.

References: up to a maximum of 100.

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